Haute Time’s Favorite Watches From MB&F

You always have more fun when with friends, especially when they are working in the watch industry and your name is Maximilian Büsser. In the past 13 years he, together with his friends, has delighted us with the most extraordinary watches. With the synergy that he created with MB&F technical innovation and aesthetic excellence was achieved. When he starts a project all involved don’t think outside the box; they simply ignore the fact that there is a box in the first place. This has propelled MB&F to the forefront of independent watchmakers and made it even harder for us to name our favorites!

MB&F HM6 Sapphire Vision

HM6 Sapphire Vision
It’s not the first time that we see an MB&F and have to ask ourselves if its a watch or an alien spacecraft, but the HM Sapphire Vision really propels mechanical watchmaking into another universe. They use 475 parts just to tell the hours and minutes but do so with one of the most astonishing movements ever created. For this MB&F teamed up with David Candaux. This is also why we prefer the Sapphire Vision version of the HM6, as it allows us to see all the intricate details of the movement.

Why we like it: Ever heard of another flying tourbillon with a retractable shield?

MB&F Legacy Machine Perpetual

Legacy Machine Perpetual
With their large balance wheels dominating the dial side, is the Legacy Machine the king of cool, but the perpetual takes it to an even higher level. Reason for this is that watchmaker Stephen McDonnell, MB&F’s ‘partner in crime’ for this watch, completely redesigned the perpetual calendar as we know it. Instead of the traditional approach, he created a ‘mechanical processor’ with different safety features so that a perpetual calendar has never been as easy to use, as this Legacy Machine Perpetual

Why we like it: its the blue print for the next generation of perpetual calendars

MB&F HM8 Moon

MoonMachine 2
An MB&F with a moon phase is always a special creation, especially when the moon is courtesy of Stepan Sarpaneva. The base of this watch is the HM8, which now not only projects the hours and the minutes through an optical prism but the moon phase as well. Visually attractive is also the rotor, which is now a web of titanium, featuring the grumpy looking moon that has become one of Sarpaneva’s hallmarks.

Why we like it: Maximilian Büsser and Stepan Sarpaneva; there has never been a better example of ‘double trouble’ in the watch world

MB&F HM7 Aquapod

HM7 Aquapod
There is very little innovation when it comes to the design of divers watches until there was the HM7 Aquapod. While it respects certain features, such as the diving bezel, the way that they have it integrated into the overall design is giving new meaning to the word original. It displays the time by means of two spherical segment discs that turn inside a sapphire dome, which is topped off with a flying tourbillon. That same tourbillon is highlighted by night because it is surrounded by three panels that have AGT Ultra (Ambient Glow Technology) lume applied on them. Truly a creature unlike any we have seen before.

Why we like it: who would think that a divers watch shaped like a jellyfish with a flying tourbillon would ever become a must-have?

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