Haute Complication: Graff GyroGraff Drive

Graff puts its passion for cars into a higher gear and uses it as inspiration for a very special of the GyroGraff. Named appropriately GyroGraff Drive the watches in this collection feature a micro painting on the dial, that will satisfy your need for speed.

Graff GyroGraff Drive
The intricate paintings are putting you in the driving seat, or just behind it, and are created in such a way that they give a sense of motion. The dial consists out of two layers, which even increases the three-dimensional effect, with the double axis tourbillon taking on the role of the steering wheel. Quite honestly it is somewhat unexpected to see a painting like this in a high-end watch like the Graff GyroGraff, but it works very well. It shows that Graff doesn’t take itself too seriously and that it takes that very seriously! The dial is meticulously painted by hand, the movement is second to none and the diamonds set in the bezel….well, it is a Graff after all, so do I need to say more?

Graff GyroGraff Drive
Another reason why the GyroGraff Drive works so well, it because the 48mm case offers ample room for the painting on the dial. Make no mistake; it is still a micro painting that takes great effort to create, yet does provide with enough space for not only the car and the scenery but also fit the various complications of the watch into the setup. That includes, of course, the double axis tourbillon, power reserve indicator, as well as the three-dimensional moon phase indicator with its handcrafted lunar surface.

Graff GyroGraff Drive

All combined makes this the Graff GyroGraff Drive one of the most fun introductions during Baselworld 2018, yet without compromising the high-quality one has come to expect from the brand. Despite its playful demeanour, one look at the movement through the sapphire case back is enough to confirm that we are still talking here about a very serious piece of Haute Horlogerie. But like the cars these watches are inspired by, it shows that technical prowess and fun can also go in the watch world hand in hand.

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