Hadoro Paris Makes Luxury Even More Luxurious With Special Carbon Fiber OnePlus 6 Smartphone Creation

Hadoro Paris doesn’t just make luxury lifestyle products; it makes luxury lifestyle products even more luxurious. In its latest venture, the Paris-based company has partnered with OnePlus to create an incredibly sophisticated and premium smartphone—the OnePlus 6 with a newly developed carbon fiber.

The newly developed carbon fiber has 36 layers of the material with interwoven layers of aircraft aluminum. Aptly named Aero Damascus Carbon, it has a distinct wave-like pattern and is exclusively manufactured at the Hadoro atelier, with its completely confidential production technology. Each creation is truly unique since the carbon fiber is produced in sheets and then cut into pieces, and no two pieces look alike in terms of design. Before each is hand assembled, the component parts are manually polished and finished to give the user the ultimate in design and craftsmanship.

To further the distinct aesthetic, the OnePlus signature logo glows on the phone’s back panel, which becomes illuminated once the phone is turned on, is made of scratch-proof sapphire glass. And like all Hadoro custom phone collections, the user can have the piece engraved on the frame on the phone with initials, a full name or even a motto. Priced at €2700, the phone is available on the brand’s website, as well as Harrods, Monaco and Nous Paris.

All images courtesy of Hadoro Paris.

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