Four Watches To Make People Green With Envy!

As so many other industries do, does also the watch industry have trends. In terms of colors black, silver and white rule supreme, with a strong position for blue as well. Green, however, is definitely up and coming, taking a more prominent place among the collections of a wide variety of brands. It might be the color, but this almost always results in very charismatic creations of which these four will make quite a few people also green with envy if you are wearing one!

Hublot Classic Fusion GreenHublot Classic Fusion Green
HublotEarlier this year Hublot showed its passion for green by introducing an entire collection of watches with this color at center stage. They are part of the Classic Fusion family, where its pure lines nicely amplify the color. Hublot created a green dial that really plays with the light, and offers this in either a titanium case or one made of King Gold. As illustrated by the photo above, does each metal give the green dial a slightly different character, making it all the more tempting.

MB&F Legacy Machine Perpetual Calendar GreenMB&F Legacy Machine Perpetual Titanium
Even a ‘hint’ of green can spice up an already spicy watch, as proven by the MB&F Legacy Machine Perpetual. While the majority of the green is partially hidden by the elaborate mechanics that make this watch so special, is enough still visible to give it a distinctly different character than the other Legacy Machine Perpetuals. The green actually offers the perfect backdrop for the complications of this watch to shine, and also combines beautifully with the titanium case, resulting in a very avant-garde proposition!

Rolex Hulk Submariner Reference 116610LV WatchRolex Submariner Date
Does Rolex break with tradition or simply creates a new one by fitting their iconic Submariner Date with a green dial and bezel? We would argue to the latter as it gives the watch a new signature look. The green of both the sunburst dial, as well as the Cerachrom bezel is deep and rich, adding loads of character to one of the most recognizable watch designs out there. With a strong demand, the green Submariner Date has shown that it is not the result of a flirt with trends, but rather here to stay as a new star in the Rolex universe.

Glashuette originalGlashütte Original Sixties Panorama Date
Glashütte Original introduced a very powerful statement in green with their new Sixties Panorama Date. The dial, which is made at the brands own dial manufacture, has a stunning motif that creates an effect which gives the green an extra dimension. Glashütte Original combines this skillfully with white numerals and minute track while the date features a black background and also the strap is of this color. The result is very well balanced, yet at the same time also incredibly powerful!

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