Brick and Motor: McLaren And LEGO Reveal Full-Scale Model

Meticulous in skill and innovative in design, the McLaren Ultimate Series road car unveiled the matchless McLaren Senna, the most realistic McLaren ever made. The uniquely crafted Senna required 5,000 hours to assemble, equivalent to the span of time taken to hand-assembled 9 McLarens.

The New McLaren Senna
The New McLaren Senna


The life-size re-creation, enticing those both young and old, allows enthusiast to experience adjusting the wheel, pressing the start button, and listening to the 208mph engine roar. The McLaren Senna, the latest model in the partnership between LEGO and McLaren, brings unapparelled design balanced by immersive and interactive production.

Interior of McLaren Senna
Interior of the McLaren Senna

Being the first LEGO McLaren to incorporate interior parts from the authentic car including an operating infotainment system, a steering wheel, lightweight carbon-fibre seats, pedals and more, this extraordinary model effortlessly transcends its forerunner, the 720S model, in many ways.

Exterior of McLaren
Exterior of McLaren Senna

In total, 467,854 individual LEGO elements were used in the production of the McLaren Senna, surpassing its predecessor by 200,00 additional bricks. The LEGO build team composed of no less than 42 men and women, devoted nearly 5,000 hours to create the brick-built Senna. Resulting in a one-of-a-kind sports car inspired by luxury and constructed creativity.

McLaren Senna

Photo Credit: McLaren

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