World’s First Travelling Safe: Döttling’s Guardian Designed to Protect Your Watches

Döttling, a luxury safe manufacturer from Germany that produces bespoke products for an elite clientele, has been in business crafting safes in the Royal Prussian tradition for almost a century.  Their unique coffre-fort masterpieces are made by hand with attention paid to the most minute of details. For a first-hand look at their craftsmanship, just look at the Döttling Colosimo Double Wing tailor-made for a $2.5 million Jaeger-LeCoultre watch set. Or the highly technological iPad-Controlled Hublot Morphosis safe.

The latest bespoke offering from Döttling was made for those who travel frequently and carry their treasured watches, jewelry, or important documents with them. The Guardian is the world’s first safe that can be classified as security luggage; what makes the safe one-of-a-kind is its easy transportation by a handle or shoulder strap, as carry-on luggage.

The Guardian only weighs four kilograms, but offers the absolute best in security; the highly secure safe contains enough room for six haute chronographs, jewelry, cash, or documents.  The centrepiece of the safe is cylindrical in shape and is multiwalled, encased in leather.  The interlocking material is made of a proprietary composition.

The cylinder is almost as hard as diamond, and the outer leather layer is treated with materials making the safe impossible to tear, cut, saw, or drill through.  The cylinder can only be opened on one end via a safe door, which will release only when the correct three-digit code is provided. The safe also comes equipped with a GPS tracking device.

With customizable exteriors and unparalleled security, this is a great buy for the Haute horlogerie traveler.

Source and photo courtesy BornRich.

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