Why The Possession Is One Of Piaget’s Most Important Collections

There is something strange about the term ‘entry level’ when used for a luxury brand like Piaget. While it does rightfully indicate that this is the lowest priced watch of the brand, this term usually also indicates that the product is more basic than the other offerings. With the Possession, you can forget about all that, because despite that some of the least expensive watches by Piaget can be found in this collection they were created to entice and delight you.

Piaget Possession
This is done because the Possession has a very important mission: to welcome young and clients to the brand. As many other classical inclined brands try to find a connection to the next generation, so it Piaget. It does so with the Polo S for men and the Possession for ladies. With its round case and colourful leather straps is the Possession a timeless creation. It is available in a 29mm and 34mm diameter in either steel or gold.

Piaget Possession
All Possession models are set with diamonds, as either hour markers and/or set on the bezel. That bezel is also what sets the watch apart as it can be turned, just like the famous Possession rings. This allows owners to mark either a specific hour during the day, or just move it for fun. A high precision quartz movement ensures that the watch is always showing the correct time and can be set at the back of the watch, thus eliminating the need for a crown, which could have compromised the great design of the timepiece.

Piaget Possession
In the Possession collection Piaget also shows off another one of their specialities, and that is of creating dials from semi-precious stone. Deep blue lapis lazuli, vibrant malachite, bright carnelian and delicate turquoise are used to create exceptional versions of the Possession. While Piaget, of course, hopes that women who start with a Possession will later also get other watches from their collection, they might have made this timepiece so good that they don’t feel the need!

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