TAG Heuer Autavia: Vintage Looks With A State-of-the-Art Heart

In the TAG Heuer Autavia, the world of aviation and motor racing come together in a single creation, but that is not all that is united. While the design of the latest generation of this model is vintage inspired, it’s beating heart couldn’t be more modern. Crafted from a carbon composite, the hairspring is nearly immune to magnetic fields, change in temperature and shocks, which normally have a negative influence on the accuracy of a mechanical watch.

TAG Heuer Autavia
In terms of design, the world of aviation is the dominant factor. Bold hands, clear Arabic numerals and a large crown make it that this watch feels at home in the cockpit. The caseback features a propeller design, another indication of the pedigree of this watch. With a diameter of 42mm is the Autavia pleasantly sized, even more so because TAG Heuer apparently paid extra attention to the shape of the lugs, which makes the watch sit very comfortable on the wrist.

TAG Heuer Autavia
TAG Heuer offers the Autavia in a wide variety of different colors and with the choice of stainless steel or bronze for the case. The bezel, with a 60-minute indication, can be turned both ways and is crafted from either stainless steel or in colored ceramic. The exact color depends on the dial, which features a beautiful fumé effect, which amplifies the vintage look and feel of the watch. By placing the date at six o’clock, as well as paying extra care and attention to the other details on the dial, has TAG Heuer created a watch with a rich look and feel.

TAG Heuer Autavia
While the leather straps amplify the vintage appearance of the Autavia, TAG Heuer also offers the watch on a well-made and sturdy bracelet, as well as a NATO-strap. Both the leather straps, as well as the bracelet, come with a special quick release system that makes it very easy to change from one to the other at home without the use of specialized tools. It is all these seemingly small details which combined make the Autavia such a well-rounded creation, with its isograph hairspring as a genuine revolution in the world of watchmaking.

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