Romancing The Stone: Diamonds & Ladies Watches

Apparently, they make for the perfect combination, as especially in the high-end part of the watch world it is hard to find a ladies watch that is not adorned with diamonds. This clear connection makes it especially in the Western part of the world very difficult for brands to sell watches set with diamonds to men, even when placed on a more masculine watch. For women diamonds are almost a must yet the way the brands incorporate them into their designs greatly differs.


The diamond accent
One of the most popular ways to integrate diamonds in a ladies watch is by using them as hour markers and/or incorporate them in the bezel. The result is often subtle and stunning at the same time. Especially Rolex has made an art of this, and its diamond hour markers, set in golden holders on the dial add a refining touch to the appearance of the watch.

Graff Butterfly Blue Sapphire Watch Baselworld 2015 Wrist

Diamonds for fun
Sometimes diamonds take on a more active role, such as here on this Graff. The diamonds butterflies move on the motion of the wrist, which allows them to really show off their scintillation thanks to the ever-changing angle in which light enters, and exits, the stone. This brings out the pure character of the diamond, while also making for a more tantalizing watch.


Functional diamonds
In rare occasions, diamonds can also have an actual function in telling time. With the Cartier Panthère Joueuse High Jewellery the hours are indicated by a diamond set ‘ball’ while the minutes are pointed out by the paw of the panthere chasing it. The result is as unique as it is playful, but at the same time the diamonds have an actual function.

Van Cleef & Arpels Lady Jour des Fleurs Watch 2016 Face

Drenched in diamonds
And for those who simply cannot get enough of diamonds, there are also the watches that are simply drenched in them. With the  Lady Jour des Fleurs, Van Cleef & Arpels tried to show as little bare metal as possible and succeeded with flair. Watches like this represent the highest tier when it comes to diamond set ladies watches, and become true pieces of art by combining Haute Horlogerie with Haute Jouaillerie, and are therefor an Haute Time favorite!

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