Rolex Has “Complete Control” Thanks to Bienne Project

A ten-year construction project for Rolex has finally come to an end, with the luxury watchmaker able to start production in its new facility in Bienne, Switzerland.

The enormous manufacturing plant covers an area equal to 13 football fields and boasts high-tech  to select automated systems to move stock and production items throughout the facility.

Rolex announced that the unveiling of this project means the company has “complete control” over the essential parts of its haute horlogerie business; making the cases, watches, movements, dials and bracelets in-house, without having to rely on outside manufacturers.

The brand-new building is part of the Rolex strategy to integrate all sections of its watch-making industry.  Previously, manufacturing took place in four separate Rolex manufacturing sites which were located in Bienne and Geneva.

The different sectors are now located in a supersized production facility which houses seven separate buildings in the outskirts of Bienne, and acquired the necessary land from the City of Bienne six years ago.

The massive area in which  thermal and surface treatments, machining, maintenance and laboratory activities, stamping and assembly operation will take place consists of seven floors, will be fully automated and computerized, and will operate on a 24 hour, seven-day-a-week basis.  The new system is said to be the best in the business and unparalleled in terms of security and component damage protection.

Source courtesy Watch Pro. Photo courtesy Rolex Blogspot

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