Roger Dubuis Velvet: Haute Horlogerie With A Feminine Touch

In the world of Roger Dubuis, only the best is good enough. This also becomes clear when you look at the ‘Velvet,’ their collection of ladies watches. They are as rich as the fabric that inspired its name, combining exquisite craftsmanship, eye for detail as well as a superb movement, all in an original design.

Roger Dubuis Velvet by Massaro - Rita

Roger Dubuis let the design take the lead with this watch. This is not something every manufacture has the luxury of doing so, as complex designs also require the craftsmanship, expertise, and machines to make them a reality. With its unusual shaped case, full of intricate details, is the Velvet not easy to craft, but certainly worth the effort, as it results in one of the most original ladies watches currently available.

Roger Dubuis Blossom Velvet Pink Watch 2016
While they all share the same basic shape of the case, Roger Dubuis made subtle differences that give each member of the Velvet collection its own personality. The Blossom Velvet Pink features a mother-of-pearl dial in which petals are linked to each other by gold branches and highlighted by diamond set flowers. Also, the rose gold case is set with brilliant cut flowers, serving as the perfect frame of this piece of horological art.

Roger Dubuis Velvet

The Velvet by Massaro takes a completely different approach, by putting an emphasis on the unique shape of the case of the watch. Crafted from white gold, it is set with brilliant cut diamonds, which we also find on the dial. Roman numerals add a bit of classic style to this Roger Dubuis, while the extraordinary pleated Haute Couture strap made from leather give this Velvet loads of character.

Roger Dubuis Velvet Secret heart

At first glance, the Secret Heart looks like the most ‘ordinary’ member of the Velvet collection, if there is such a thing. However, it is fitted with a unique bi-retrograde jumping date complication. This raises the center of the dial slightly, adding even more depth to the design. With this watch, Roger Dubuis shows that beauty and practicality can be merged together in a single creation.

Roger Dubuis Velvet
Beauty is also something that goes deeper than just the outside by Roger Dubuis. All watches in the Velvet collection are fitted with automatic movements that are crafted in the brand’s manufacture in Geneva. They also all proudly wear the Geneva Seal, which is evidence of the extremely high finishing of the movements. For Roger Dubuis, it is, however, a way of life, with no detail too small to work tirelessly to make sure it is the best it possibly can be!

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