Pre-SIHH 2017: HYT Brings Mechanical Lumination to the Pocket Watch

Just in time for the upcoming SIHH 2017, HYT unveils an exciting new timepiece that blends history with futuristic concepts. In its all new Skull Pocket watch, the brand combines its famed liquid time indication with a mechanical light source to enhance the dial and time-telling function — all in a modern, yet vintage-inspired, pocket watch rendition. This marks the brand’s first-ever skull, mechanical light source combination. It is also the brand’s first pocket watch. Before you get too excited about this mysterious piece, be aware: just eight pieces will be made.

HYT pocket watchIn order to generate the light, the watch is equipped with two LEDs (liquid emitting diodes) hidden in the rider at 6 o’clock, while the tiny micro-generator that activates the LEDs is integrated into the case. Essentially, the mechanical power of the movement converts into electricity via a barrel spring (inside the dedicated push-button crown at 4:20) that is loaded when the crown is turned. The wearer then pushed the crown to release the spring and turn the micro-generator at high enough speeds to create the electricity necessary to activate the LEDs. The Skull pocket watch then exudes a soft blue light that enhances the fluorescent elegant of the green liquid that indicates the time.

HYT pocket watchOne must be quick, though, because the light only lasts for about five seconds before needing to be re-initiated. Still, it is enough time to show off just a little. The completely mechanical process is made possible via a patented assembly consisting of 82 components. The outer titanium and black DLC case cover of the pocket watch is a bold 59mm in diameter and was created especially for this timepiece. Via a hinge at 12:00, that is triggered by the rider at 6:00, the cover system protects the dial. The design includes leather inserts in the cover that can be customized and that are a nod back to the pocket watch days.

While the time is indicated by the green retrograde fluid that runs through the capillaries and around the dial, the seconds are displayed in the left eye of the skull, and the power reserve is displayed in the right eye. The watch offers 65 hours of power reserve and is water resistant to 50 meters. It is sold with a specially made titanium chain. The price has not yet been established.



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