Pre-Baseworld 2017: Glashütte Original Sixties Iconic Square Chronograph

While the Glashütte Original Sixties Square Chronograph is no stranger, it gets quite the make-over in a special limited edition, featuring five unique colored dials.


While a colored dial is usually a relatively inexpensive trick to sell a limited edition at a premium, Glashütte Original, fortunately, took a different route with the Sixties Square Chronograph. They let this model follow in the footsteps of the Iconic time-only watches from two years ago.


This means that the dials are crafted by hand in the German city of Pforzheim. Located in the middle of the Black Forrest, the dial manufacture uses actual equipment from the 1960’s. Several coatings of lacquer are applied by hand, giving each watch its own unique touch, as none are the same.

The colors are very vibrant, and especially the fading effect is stunning! Red and blue are rather bold and have a velvet sheen to it. Orange and green seem to have time-travelled from the 1960’s. Anthracite might sound like the most boring color of the five, but Glashütte Original stamped a pattern on this dial that can best be described as raindrops on the windshield of your car that are pushed to the edge of the glass by the airflow. The resulting effect is quite stunning!

Under the dial, nothing changed. The Sixties Square Chronograph features caliber 39-34, which Glashütte Original makes themselves in their German manufacture. It is a modular movement, meaning that the chronograph mechanism is placed on top of a base movement. It is fitted in a square, stainless steel case measuring 41.35mm by 41.35mm. This is quite large, and you can thank them for this as it shows off the amazing dial in all its glory! Glashütte Original will only make 25 Sixties Iconic Square Chronographs of each color, and they are priced between US$9.700,- and $15.000,-



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