Haute Time’s Ten Outrageous Superyacht Concepts From The Future

September is upon us and, in the superyacht industry, that can only mean one thing: the Monaco Yacht Show. This is where the world’s best yacht designers get a chance to put forward some of the dynamic concepts to date. But it’s not always about the biggest or the fastest. It’s about raising the bar, improving creativity, pushing boundaries. In that vein, Haute Time takes a look at ten superyacht concepts that may not be as far off into the future as you think.

1/10 L’Amage


At 190m LOA, L’Amage is one of the world’s most advanced superyacht projects, not only because it dwarfs the 180.61m Azzam, but it utilizes diesel engines and gas turbine (CODAG) technology, generating 95000hp at a maximum speed of 32 knots. Designed by Hamid Bekradi, Director of Design at HBD Studios, L’Amage has a beam of 28.6m, accommodates 28, has 14 staterooms, an owner’s apartment, and fits a crew of 70.

Elegant and sober, L’Amage is the first superyacht to incorporate Kymeta® flat panel satellite technology, completely replacing satellite domes. Oh, did I mention the outdoor fire pit, an extended transom with three sliding piers, and a travel range of 6,000 nautical miles?

2/10 Shaddai


Tower of Babel, maybe? Giza Pyramids, anyone? Call it “unique” or “visionary”, but you have to call it something. Either way, no words can do it justice. Shaddai, a 152.4m, 38m tall Shaddai is futurism of the tallest order—pun intended. The beach club is perched 38m above the aft deck via a stunning scenographic infinity pool. Gabriel Teruzzi’s design doesn’t just offer panoramic views, it makes you omniscient. Hence the Hebrew moniker, Shaddai.

3/10 Ghost


From the designer of Black Pearl, the world’s largest DynaRig sailing yacht, comes the deconstructed 144m M/Y Ghost concept. Ken Freivokh Design brings modern minimalism and flexibility where a tremendously rigid frame system takes care of torsional rigidity. Sliding helipad platforms, opening skylights, a telescopic signal mast forward, a glass pool, and a gym, are just some of its features.

Both hydro and aerodynamic, Ghost is designed for transparency and optimal underwater efficiency. Balconies and flying bridges link various spaces throughout the vessel, allowing a revolutionary light-sensitive film embedded within the skin of the yacht to maximize natural light.

4/10 Galaxy of Happiness


This 53m trimaran is arguably the most futurist and forward-thinking of all designs, not least because it literally looks like a spaceship; two outrigger hulls are used for increased stability and uses almost half the energy of a monohull. Galaxy of Happiness is powered by twin 2,600hp MTU diesel engines backed up by 120k W electric engines, pushing Galaxy to a top speed of 30 knots.

In true Galaxy fashion, sofas, sun pads, a petite sundeck, a superyacht spa pool, and LCD glass windows make up for not having an upper deck. But it’s Galaxy’s combined fuel efficiency and speed that that will take yacht owners and designers far into the future. Galaxy was designed by Jean-Jacques Coste of Blue Coast Yachts, partners with Latitude Yachts.

5/10 Project L3


From the collaborative vision of BMT Nigel Gee and McPherson Yacht Design comes L3, an 85m refreshingly luxurious take on Catamaran yacht design. With an overall length of 85m, the catamaran offers volume more akin to a 100-110m monohull. Such space allows for entertainment and living areas similar to flamboyant land-based architecture and includes some really cool, unique features.

The sundeck sports an open-air fire pit surrounded by generous loungers which provide stunning views of the giant drop-down cinema screen, a feature that is sure to be the main focus of evening entertainment. The wide beam allows for storage of an offshore racing cat and a two-man seaplane. Once deployed, these can be moored against a number of fold-down/extendable beach decks giving easy access to the water. So, yeah.

6/10 Era 80


“Brokers advised me to ignore convention and to stop trying to please naval architects by presenting conservative concepts. I was advised to show something progressive and innovative.” And that is exactly what we get from the Ricky Smith-designed 80m über-aerodynamic explorer superyacht, Era 80.

Designed to reduce drag, and in collaboration with Stuart Friezer Marine Naval Architects, Era 80 has a covered bow. Immediately recognizable by its smooth, non-faceted superstructure, the Era 80 concept is about taking advantage of both space and privacy. The Ricky Smith project features a 13m bean that allows for a Bell 427 or Eurocopter EC145, an owner’s suite on the upper deck, a VIP and four-guest suite, accommodates 20 and a total crew of 24.

7/10 Mauna Kea

Maunu Kea

“New ideas are not invented by anyone but are rather born from a client’s necessity. Those needs are then articulated by someone who has the talent to interpret them.” Result: Manu Kea, a 101m concept named after a Hawaiian volcano of the same name.

The largest concept from Roberto Curtó to date, Mauna Kea features a bifurcated aft staircase, two water slides that melt wonderfully into the main pool, and staircase leading to the helipad. Mauna Kea accommodates 12, a crew of 22, a full-beam private lounge and private Jacuzzi on the owner’s deck.

8/10 Taboo


Next generation explorers could very well have one for the books with Gill Schmid and Tim Dempers’ 90m superyacht concept, Taboo.  From polar escapades to wild ocean adventure, Taboo has enough space for helicopters, super and amphibious cars, a submarine, and—wait for it—a hot air balloon. One-way extensive glass and panoramic views are the perfect compliments for 26 guests and 40 members of crew enjoying a dip in the superyacht pool after working out in the gym. Talk about breaking the ice!

9/10 Project Ego


Three decks, 12.8m wide, and 36m in length. Ego is the multihull catamaran superyacht brainchild of Mauro Giamboli of Giamboli Designs. Recall that it was Giamboli who introduced Quaranta to the world in 2013. Ego is lightweight and fuel efficient with two bows able to cut through waves with ease. Ego has a full beam salon and two main cabins on the main deck. Two more guest cabins are located in the portside hull. The starboard hull hosts six crew members comfortably.

10/10 Project Choice


Designed by Feadship, The 74.5m Choice burns almost 30 per cent less fuel, has a two-person drone, and a motion-compensation pool using magnetic levitation to thwart rolling motion. The mothership has its own electric propulsion package with 24.5m tenders at either side.

Choice accesses real-time online data to optimize client experiences and boasts an amphibious beach house apartment, two Jacuzzis, two double suites, a single cabin and a lounge. Choice’s intervention is that clients have a wealth of options before, during, and after the building process, making the onboard experience unbelievable.

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