Mercedes-Benz and Lufthansa Unveil Luxury Private Jet Cabin Interior

For Mercedes-Benz, stylish concepts, game-changing formulae, and high-performance luxury sedans are brand DNA non-negotiables; Lufthansa Technik, comfort, practicality, and next level design language. So, when Germany’s premier automaker teams up with one of the world’s best luxury airliners—and forgive the somewhat gauche cliché, the sky is the limit.

Inspired by Mercedes-Benz’s AMG, the exceptional style and architecture of Mercedes-Benz interior cabin feature a flowing DNA helix with elements inspired by the unique and sportive S Class and SL models reminiscent of the 1980s.


First unveiled at the 2015 European Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition (EBACE), the 2018 model, entitled “Inspired by AMG”, takes the interior concept and design further. Brown and white interiors have given way to modern, masculine grey and black panels that appear to float in front of the window due to discreet light coronas.

Additionally, Mercedes-Benz’s Magic Sky technology allows the panels to be dimmed electrically from black to transparent. Displays and touch screens are also easily integrated into the black panels.


“The purpose of our cooperation with Mercedes-Benz style is to unite the two companies’ innovative expertise in the areas of design and technology. Our goal is to offer a highly discerning global clientele a standard of interior design that leaves nothing to be desired. Whether for private or business use, our modular completion concept perfectly fits every purpose,” says Walter Heerdt, Senior Vice President VIP, and Executive Jet Solutions, Lufthansa.

Under the joint collab, dynamic architecture, as opposed to conventional interior cabin design, is entirely replaced by a dynamic, spiral layout, giving rise to a new, independent sense of space and privacy without predictable seat and wall arrangements. The new sense of space is additionally reinforced by Mercedes’s typically strong emphasis on the contrast in terms of material, colour and lighting that is quintessentially Mercedes-Benz.


“Based on the large international interest and positive feedback which we have achieved so far, we have decided to develop a second variant of our extremely well-received Mercedes-Benz Style VIP cabin”, said Wieland Timm, Senior Director Sales, VIP & Special Mission Aircraft, at Lufthansa Technik.

“We want to reach new customer groups with a strong affinity for a unique sportive design. That’s why we took inspiration from Mercedes-AMG and their worldwide successful performance and sports cars, being the brand of the Daimler group which stands for cutting-edge technology, exclusivity, and performance for decades.”

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