Haute Woman: Hands-On with the RM007 White Gold Diamond Set (Live Pics, Specs, and Pricing information)

There’s nothing like a lady who likes her watches, especially when she chooses one that is power by complicated mechanics. Gone are the days of dainty cocktail dress watch or even quartz! Ladies’ watches are bolder than ever, and Richard Mille is one of the brands that gets the modern woman best:


Richard Mille declared 2014 the ‘Year of the Woman’ and unveiled four ladies watches at the Salon International de Haute Horlogerie (or SIHH), all of which have won over their target audience. The RM007 White Gold Diamond Set (did it come out this year?) is one of those watches that always gets a good reaction. It’s a stunning piece that combines the best from the world of horology and high-end jewelry.


The tonneau (barrel) shape is reminiscent of the men’s range from Richard Mille, but it’s been adapted for a smaller, more feminine design. Because of its curved form, it adapts to even the smallest wrists. At 45MM x 31MM, it’s one of the few modern watches that espouses the trend for bigger watches, yet fits any woman’s wrist. The skeletonised dial also makes it seem lighter on the wrist, a quality many will enjoy.


The watch houses the calibre RM007, an automatic movement with unique patented rotor system containing 18-carat gold micro-balls bearings. This exclusive Richard Mille innovation allows efficient rewinding of the mainspring by the optimal inertial force created. The free moving micro-balls in 18-carat gold found inside the compartment serve to absorb excess energy in case of shocks. Because of it, large shockwaves that would have devastating effects on the rotor are reduced, which safeguards the system’s mechanism.


Overall, the RM007 is a winner in the ladies’ market, and the ones working beside me at Marcus Watches. Between you and me, they especially like the diamond version. The diamonds definitely add sex appeal to this model, but the watch is also available without for those looking for something more conservative.


If you’re looking to invest in a timepiece for your better half, you can’t go wrong with one of these. She’ll like it so much she might just stop borrowing your watches. At least for a little while…

Photo Credit: Alex Rose. RM007 from Richard Mille modeled by Nicola Sargent. For more information, please visit Marcus Watches. 

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