Haute Time’s Five Favorite Independent Watches From Baselworld 2018

Baselworld 2018 brought a lot of new watches, from the large, well-known brands, but also many independent brands introduced extraordinary new models. These are five of Haute Time’s favourites!

Christiaan van der Klaauw Tides
Christiaan van der Klaauw Real Moon Tides
Dutch brand Christiaan van der Klaauw introduced their Real Moon Tides with a stunning Aventurine dial! The unique shimmer of this material gives the impression that you are looking into the depths of space. Quite fitting as the Real Moon Tides is equipped with the world’s most accurate 3D moon phase. On top of that, it also features an innovative tides-indicator, making this a truly exceptional watch!

De Bethune Starry Varius

De Bethune DB25 Starry Varius
De Bethune brought the new DB25 Starry Varius to Baselworld, featuring a revised case and personalized constellation on the dial. This constellation is crafted by hand, using gold pins combined with traditional gold leaf technique and laser beam micro milling. The result is stunning, especially set against the beautiful blue dials that have become one of De Bethune’s hallmarks. To finish it off in style ticks inside De Bethune’s manual wind manufacture caliber DB2105.

Bomberg BB01

Bomberg BB-01
Bomberg launched an entirely new collection at Baselworld, the BB-01. Thanks to a clever design, this watch can be fitted with Nato-straps made out of fabric, leather or Milanese mesh. Available in various color combinations, as well as two sizes, the BB-01 has a well-rounded design. It sits very comfortable on the wrist and is easy to read as well. The watch is topped off by a domed crystal, which gives the watch even more character!

Moser minute repeater tourbillon

Moser Swiss Alp Watch Minute Repeater Tourbillon
A minute repeater tourbillon is always an exceptional watch, yet Moser made it even more special by fitting it in a rectangular case, complete with form movement. The result is a beautiful looking, and sounding, watch. The dial is a blue mosaic which shows a stunning play of light, and, as is a tradition with some of Moser watches, is not signed.

RJ Arraw

RJ Arraw
At Baselworld Romain Jerome announced that it rebranded itself to RJ. The first watch that is launched under this new name is the Arraw. This chronograph brings together several different elements of the RJ universe into a single watch, beginning with its case shape with distinct lugs and black clamps, which are now made of rubber and serve as bumpers. It is a very expressive watch, without going overboard, and holds great promise for the future of the brand!



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