Haute Time Talks With Ricardo Guadalupe, CEO of Hublot

If there is one brand that redefines success in the world of watches, it is Hublot. Year after year of record-breaking growth is combined with a passionate thirst for innovation. It has resulted in a powerful brand which breaks boundaries and finds synergy with the leading athletes, artists and other talented individuals from around the globe. At the helm of Hublot, we find Ricardo Guadalupe, who talked with Haute Time about all that makes the brand so special.

Hublot CEO Ricardo Guadalupe
Hublot CEO Ricardo Guadalupe

HT: You are at the helm of Hublot as CEO for 7 years now. What do you consider the most important achievement that you reached with the brand during that time?
RG: Hublot has become one of the most important brands in the Swiss Watch Industry.
Hublot is driven by innovation. How did you create an atmosphere in which this was possible?
Innovation is in our culture. It is part of our DNA. Without innovation, there is no future. At Hublot we invest a lot in R&D, design, materials, movements, technology in order to constantly bring innovation into our products. We use expertise and innovation in the service of increasingly inspired collections such as the Big Bang, Classic Fusion, Spirit of Big Bang and Manufacture Pieces.
HT: What do you consider to be Hublot’s most important asset?
RG: Our products and our ‘Art of Fusion’. At Hublot we work and think differently according to our motto in order ‘to be first – unique and different’.. From in-house watch complications, including award-winning minute repeaters and tourbillons, to revolutionary materials such as patented and scratch resistant Magic Gold, colored Texalium carbon fiber, and transparent and colored sapphire cases to world class collaborations such as Ferrari, FIFA™ World Cup, and Italia Independent, Hublot characterizes itself through the “Art of Fusion” philosophy, bringing tradition into the future.

Hublot continues to innovate both in materials, movements as well as in design
Hublot continues to innovate both in materials, movements as well as in design

HT: In your opinion, what makes a good watch great?
RG: It has to be unique, to reveal a strong identity through its design. At Hublot we are always looking for new material, something special and different, new shapes, anything that can add value to the movement itself.

HT: Hublot is very in touch with its client base. How do you achieve this?
RG: We pay close attention to our customers and we work every day to provide them with the most upscale services. For instance, we created Hublotista – our CRM platform. Our customers are invited to join the Hublot family to experience the Maison’s unique emotions and moments, to enhance the customer experience.

Hublot CEO Ricardo Guadalupe wearing the Big Bang Unico GMT
Hublot CEO Ricardo Guadalupe wearing the Big Bang Unico GMT

HT: You were also part of the team that resurrected Blancpain. How was that different from what you did at Hublot?
RG: Blancpain is about tradition. Hublot is a Maison of past and present, conjugated in the future, infused with expertise and innovation.
HT: The watch market is very dynamic at the moment. What are your expectations for the near future for the industry in general? And for Hublot?
RG: The industry is dynamic with grant single digit in 2019. Hublot will continue to over-perform with double-digit growth thanks to all our novelties, great events like international collaborations for the FIFA World Cup, ICC Cricket World Cup and Ferrari, as well as the finest talents of the moment such as K. Mbappé, U. Bolt, and Lang Lang. We will continue to develop our planetary presence in the finest international capitals.
HT: Hublot has had many record-breaking years and has introduced many innovations to the watch world in terms of design, materials and technology. What do you still want to achieve with Hublot?
RG: Hublot achieved a lot of goals in a few decades and we are proud of it!  We still have new challenges to face in order to become a strong reference in the watch industry.

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