With Football and Watches, Malik Jackson Plays Big

Malik Jackson has an affinity for the finer things that mature with age and success. The 27-year old NFL player has accomplished more than many footballers. In 2016, Jackson claimed Super Bowl 50 with the Denver Broncos, where he played defense for four seasons. A month after the win, he inked a $90-million contract with the Jacksonville Jaguars. As time has revealed Jackson’s talent for the sport, he has nurtured a polished mien, buoyed by a growing watch collection.

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How has your style evolved over time?
I was blessed enough to be able to go to Denver Broncos where they had guys like DeMarcus Ware and Von Miller, who are really up on fashion. I was just watching Von on and off the field and what he did really kind of molded me to be able to see and understand that when you make a certain amount of money, looking the part is just as big as having it. I just want to be able to kind of transcend the baggy clothes and the urban look to kind of grow up.  I want to look like a dad – a father for my daughter; somebody presentable at all times. In order to help with that, I started working with a stylist and he started me out with some Christian Louboutins, just all the high-end stuff, the Off-White brand, etc.. You know, just trying to really step up my game as far as fashion. I like to be presentable on and off the field.

What was the first watch you bought?
It was a Citizen Eco. I did that when I was in the League, about 21-year old. That’s when I really got into watches. I felt like I was “ballin” with the Citizen Eco. Putting it on made me feel like I was living the life. I was feeling good about myself and I was very happy with that.

Patek Philippe World Time
Patek Philippe World Time

What is in your watch collection today?
I will say how I got into it. Before I had my deal [with the Jacksonville Jaguars], I was looking around at watches. I do like watches but at the time I could only afford the Citizen Ecos of the world but then I saw Von Miller, DeMarcus Ware and Peyton Manning wear Patek Philippe and Rolex and Panerai – the real subtle things. So, when I was blessed with my contract, I told myself that when I accomplished that, I want to get a Patek World Time piece with a blue band and that’s what I did. So, my first watch was a World Time. That was my first big purchase.  But at the same time, I was able to get a great deal. The Patek dealer gave me a Patek Nautilus in rose gold. I got both of those at the same time, so I made a big investment in the collection just in one night on those two watches. A few months ago was my birthday, January 11, and I have been looking at the Patek Philippe 5205 in White Gold. I saw one in New York and got that. So, I have three Pateks.

Are there any other brands that you like?
To be honest with you, I just like Patek a lot. I like Panerai but I think for my next watch… I like the work in the watches on the face so maybe I am thinking a Louis Moinet, just something with intricate functions because I love the craftsmanship and the detail

If money was no concern, what watch would you buy?
The $1 million Patek Skymoon Tourbillon.



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