Haute Time Sits down with Patek Philippe President Thierry Stern in Beverly Hills

Yesterday was a lot of fun, as Haute Time Publisher Seth Semilof got to do a video interview (that will appear next Tuesday on Hautetime) with top man in the watch industry, Patek Philippe’s Thierry Stern.  We are huge fans of his business model, watches, and success in the watch industry.

Anytime we can speak with Mr Stern, it is an honor, as he is one of the smartest people we have ever got to meet, and nobody understands luxury better then Mr. Stern.  One of the most interesting things about our time, was when I asked him about his watch he had on, which is the basic Stainless Steel – 5164A-001 Men Aquanaut piece.  I asked him why not a Tourbillon or something special, and his answer was legendary “It would not be fair for our customers, since our watches are such limited edition, to not allow them to wear the piece”

Mr. Stern was in town for the opening of the Patek Philippe, the United States first free standing Patek Philippe boutique.  It is based in Beverly Hills, on the famed Rodeo Drive.

We got great content for a Video Feature being published next week, as he has great insight on the state of the watch industry, how they continue to build the top luxury watch brand in the world, and why he opened the first freestanding boutique in Beverly Hills.

To WATCH the FULL Interivew with Thierry Stern, Click HERE.

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