Haute Complication: Hublot Big Bang MP-11 3D Carbon

At this years Baselworld not only a new model was added to the “Manufacture Piece”-collection by Hublot, but also a whole new material which has never been used in watchmaking before. Sourced from the US military, it is a polymer matrix composite which is reinforced by a three-dimensional carbon fibre weave. The result is a very strong, very resistant, yet also very light material.

Hublot Big Bang MP-11 3D Carbon
The carbon fibre wave creates a grid-like motive in the material, which is highlighted even more when you see it on the different levels of the Big Bang case. Almost like a tailor has Hublot crafted and combined the various parts into a beautiful composition, with as focal point the part where the case and sapphire crystal bulge out a bit to offer the owner of this Hublot full view of the seven mainspring barrels.

Hublot Big Bang MP-11 3D Carbon
The mainspring barrels are all coupled in series and offer a power reserve of no less than two weeks, which is displayed on the in-line power reserve index. To transport the force provided by the mainspring barrels to the rest of the gear train, Hublot employs a 90-degree helical worm gear, which they balance out on the dial by placing the balance on the opposite side. Also, the back of the MP-11 is a beautiful sight, as it allows for further insight in the complex gear train of the watch.

Hublot Big Bang MP-11 3D Carbon
Despite being a technological heavyweight, the MP-11 is a featherlight champion, as thanks to the three-dimensional carbon, it only weighs 90 grams, strap included. With a diameter of 45mm, it is a substantial watch, which due to its case design fits nicely on the wrist, in which the black lined, structured rubber strap also plays an important role. All combined this makes the MP-11 another great example of what extraordinary watches can come forward from the Art of Fusion.

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