Haute Complication: Christophe Claret Adagio

Christophe Claret is in many ways a renaissance man, and this is especially evident in watches like the Adagio. It combines practical complications with an exquisite movement and captures them both in a bold case with delicate details.

Christophe Claret Adagio
Those details are the work of another renaissance man: Eddy Jaquet. It was his hand that engraved the case of the Adagio, or I should rather say sculpted, with six different instruments. A fitting choice for a watch that has among its complications a minute repeater.

Christophe Claret Adagio
Simple watches are something that does not seem to be able to hold the attention of Claret. He is a man that thrives on challenges, so it can not come as a surprise that the minute repeater features so-called “cathedral gongs”. These ‘gongs’ are longer than regular minute repeater gongs and wrap around the movement and result in an even richer sound. However, the minute repeater is not the only complication that the Adagio has. It furthermore also features a large date as well as a second timezone. This last complication has a subdial of its own at the top right part of the dial and even incorporates a day/night indicator. To create all this greatness Claret uses 455 parts, of which 46 jewels.

Christophe Claret Adagio
In terms of design is the Adagio also a product of a renaissance frame of mind. With a diameter of 44mm, it is a large watch yet balanced in its appearance. The dial is crafted from black onyx and extremely legible. Details like the running seconds disc on the left side of the dial give it a certain dynamic. The baguette-cut diamonds, totalling 6.12 carats, set on the bezel and lugs amplifying the precious nature of this watch. It is in fact so precious that Claret has created this watch as a piece unique. However, those with interest in one only have to ask the Master, and I am sure that he will be able to accommodate your wishes with another extraordinary version of an already extraordinary watch that is the Adagio.

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