Haute Complication: Chopard L.U.C All-in-One

When a capable watchmaker such as Chopard calls its creation ‘All-in-One’ you have every reason to be delighted! The brand introduced the first edition of this extraordinary watch in 2010 when it celebrated its 150th anniversary. Over the years it has proved its staying power, as one of the most complicated watches that Chopard has to offer.

Chopard LUC All in One
Before we dive further into the complexity of the watch, it is its design that demands admiration.  Granted, with a diameter of 46mm it is not a small watch, but Chopard designed it in such a way that they take full advantage of this. It is very well proportioned, with its functions displayed in complete symmetry on the dial. Here we find the large date with the additional perpetual calendar indications, as well as the tourbillon.

Chopard L.U.C All-in-One
While nice, it looks like it comes up a bit short for using such a prestigious term as ‘All-in-One.’ Chopard sets the record straight when you turn the watch over and admire its caseback. Here no intimate view of the movement, but rather even more indicators and functions. Again, the design is spot on, able to capture a lot of information and present it in an organic and easy to read way.

Chopard L.U.C All-in-One
It combines an equation of time indicator, with a display of the sunrise/set times, day/night, as well as an orbital moon-phase. While packing a punch with all these complications, Chopard even found room in the movement of the All-in-One to put four mainspring barrels. The result of this is that the watch comes with a power reserve of a week. It is no wonder that this astonishing movement is made out of 516 parts, yet also obtained the prestigious Geneva Seal, as well as a Chronometer certification for its precision. So when Chopard calls a watch ‘All-in-One’ they just call it for what it is!

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