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As mentioned in the review of the de Grisogono Instrumento No.Uno, Fawaz Gruosi is famous for his corporation of diamonds in his timepieces. And the de Grisogono Crazy “Crazy Skull” timepiece is no exception.

De Grisogono Crazy Skull Watches 2015

The way in which the 890 rubies have been set in the multidimensional case of de Grisogono’s ladies pink “Crazy Skul” timepiece is identical to that of a human skull; with it’s emaciated cheek bones, fattened by a gem setting technique which is similar to that of the appearance of solidified lava.

De Grisogono Crazy Skull Pink Watch Baselworld 2015 Tongue

This augments the idea of a passion and a devilish nature behind the watch, drawing raw energy from the shimmer of the black diamonds that encase the extravagant galuchat strap which is secured by a black rhodium plated pink gold folding clasp further beautified with rubies and diamonds. Simultaneously, oozing a devilish demeaour, which is encouraged by the maniacal baguette-cut diamond grin greeting the traditional positioning of the hours of 5 o’clock, 6 o’clock and 7 o’clock.

De Grisogono Crazy Skull Pink Watch Baselworld 2015 Face

If one takes note of the wide pink gold plated ribbon of the aghast eye sockets, one will notice dual time displays with black lacquered dials, created with Dauphine style hour and minute hands whose circumference are surrounded by an intriguing pattern of black and white diamonds, set in an almost classic crazed cartoon manner. The amusing expression is forever frozen underneath clear sapphire crystal. The pattern of the eye sockets pays light-spirited homage to kinetic art, making use of a quartz movement built with the SF 10-44 calibre utilized to galvanize the time measurement of the “Crazy Skull”.

De Grisogono Crazy Skull Pink Watch Baselworld 2015 Strap

The nose of the skeletal face is embellished with an upside down heart-shaped 1.5 carat diamond, cut from from a greater raw 3 carats square-cut stone. The nature of the composition of the timepiece is ferocious in its nature of innovative craftsmanship, manifested masterfully in the patented mechanism of the timepiece’s 7.70 carat mouth, whose large sparkling teeth part to reveal a bejewelled tongue when the lower jaw escapement is triggered.

De Grisogono Crazy Skull Pink Watch Baselworld 2015 Wrist

The “Crazy Skull” is available in three models, in pink rubies, white diamonds and black diamonds.

De Grisogono Crazy Skull Watches Baselworld 2015 Review

The revered manufacturers of de Grisogono have played a hand in conception, creating the skull of a unfamiliar mechanical man whose madness knows no bounds. However, one must remember that its better to take risks with the ‘devil you know’ and de Grisogono “Crazy Skull” is definitely a monetary risk worth taking.

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