Day 1: in Monaco for WPHH

Day 1: Attends WPHH Watch Exhibit in Monaco

Today was the opening of the WPHH Watch Exhibit in Monaco sponsored by Franck Muller, which featured all of the watch brands under one roof.  They had a beautiful booth for each brand, and had all of the brand Presidents and creators in each booth, showcasing the watches to retailers, buyers and the press.

This was a special day for, as we were selected as 1 of just 6 American journalists to cover this event; we are very thankful for the invite from good friend Ronald Jackson, the US President of Franck Muller.  Plus, Ron took on a tour of all the watches showcased at Franck Muller, and gave us an inside look on the pieces, along with pieces launched at the WPHH.  He gave us an inside look at his top 10 favorite watches; all were very special and some were limited production with the diamond sets. got to have a good understanding of how powerful this brand is on a world level, and how special Franck Muller is to the watch industry.   There were many people from all over the world, as we saw a lot of people from Russia, China, Switzerland, USA, Latin America, Dubai and more.   WPHH takes place in the amazing City-State of Monaco, at the Grimaldi Forum.   The big news of the show was the launch of Roberto Cavalli watches by Franck Muller.

The Opening of the event was a ribbon cutting by Vartan Sirmakes, Co-Founder and CEO of Franck Muller, Franck Muller and Roberto Cavalli.  After the ribbon cutting, Franck Muller walked around with Roberto Cavalli and showed many of the new pieces throughout the WPHH, with over 50 different Tourbillon watches.  Plus, they opened up the Roberto Cavalli booth and showed the press the watches launched at WPHH that will be sold at Roberto Cavalli boutiques worldwide. was very impressed with the selection of watches from Franck Muller.  We can honestly say that we have never seen so many Franck Muller tourbillons.  Some of the tourbillon watches had amazing diamond cuts, and it made us realize what a special brand and watch creator Franck Muller is within the watch industry.

Along with showing the amazing watches, there were many deals being cut, as watch retailers worldwide were purchasing the watches for the 4th quarter this year. This is obviously the main reason of the show, to work with the retailers first hand, and get them the best watches for their stores to sell for the Holidays.

After our meeting with Ronald Jackson, Haute Time got to sit down with the brand leaders Vartkess Knadjian  of Backes & Strauss, Pierre Kunz, and Sassoun Sirmakes of Cvstos.  We created amazing content, and first hand looks at each watches, from the brand leaders themselves.

We must note that Franck Muller showed their guests, retailers and the press that they are First class, with Rolls-Royce Phantoms all over Monaco taking their guests to and from the hotels.

As they would say here, à bientôt! Life in Monaco is great!


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