Daring Divers: Four Diving Watches For People With A Taste For The Extreme

Diving watches are often among the most robust creations of the watch world. The demands put on these watches are usually extreme, that is when you are a professional diver. For the amateur diver or people who don’t dive at all, these features are often not needed to the extent that they are created. However, their impact on the look of the watch makes it that they have become, and remain, very popular. These four watches are perfect examples of extreme diving watches that also make a statement outside of the water.

Panerai's Exclusive Experiences Submersible Marina Militare Carbotech

Panerai Submersible Marina Militare Carbotech™
Panerai made a name for itself creating underwater equipment and watches for the Italian navy. In that tradition does also fit the Submersible Marina Militare Carbotech™. With a diameter of 47mm it is a substantial watch, yet the carbon fiber composite case keeps the weight down. People who purchase this watch also get the opportunity to show what they are made of as it comes with the possibility to train with the COMSUBIN, the Diving and Commando Group of the Italian Navy, which is bound to put you, and your Panerai to the test.

Ulysse Nardin Deep Dive

Ulysse Nardin Diver Deep Dive
With the Diver Deep Dive does Ulysse Nardin also have a very bold and robust diving watch in its collection. With a diameter of 46mm is it not a small creation, but the brand opted for titanium to keep the weight down. One of the main eyecatchers on this watch is the unusual crown protection device. Unlike many other diving watches does Ulysse Nardin allow you to take it off when you wear the watch ashore, making it more comfortable when it is not over a wetsuit and diving gloves. Its water resistance is an extreme 1.000 meters, and although you cannot see it due to the closed caseback is the Diver Deep Dive fitted with caliber UN-320. This automatic movement features a silicium spiral and anchor escapement, one of the signature features on Ulysse Nardin’s movements.

Rolex Sea-Dweller two-tone

Rolex Sea-Dweller
For 2019 Rolex updated the Sea-Dweller, offering it for the very first time in a Rolesor version. This combination of oystersteel with yellow gold most certainly makes the Sea-Dweller more eye-catching, while it doesn’t take away from its impressive credentials. It is fitted with a helium escape valve and water resistant up to 1.220 meters. It is powered by automatic caliber 3235, which features the Chronergy escapement and the blue Parachrom hairspring. For increased shock resistance Rolex also equipped the oscillator with the Paraflex shock absorbers. This makes it that there is very little that this Sea-Dweller cannot handle.

RM 028 Titanium Automatic Diver's Watch

Richard Mille RM028
Richard Mille is a brand known for its high-tech, sophisticated sports watches, and the RM028 is a prime example of this. Measuring 47mm in diameter it is by no means a small watch, but its legibility benefits because of it. The RM028 is fitted with an automatic movement which has a rotor with variable geometry, which allows it to be customized to the user’s activity level. Two mainspring barrels help to provide a stable torque to the escapement for increased precision. The RM028 is further equipped with a unique diving bezel, with a special system that prevents it from moving unintentionally. The rubber strap is connected by screws to the titanium lugs of the watch, ensuring that it stays comfortable in place under all conditions, making this Richard Mille a watch ready for the extreme.

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