Clever Investments: Bamford Watch Department

George Bamford, founder of the Bamford Watch Department
George Bamford, founder of the Bamford Watch Department

George Bamford is a passionate watch collector, whether it be vintage or modern, he simply gets watches. His company Bamford Watch Department formed some 10 years ago can be described as somewhat of a revolutionary in its field, creating luxury for the wrist that is personal, bespoke, and in truth filling a void. On one hand BWD embodies the notion that true luxury comes from crafting the ideas of the individual, whether that be a dial festooned with a family crest or an engraved case, but in truth it does way more: George Bamford creates the watches some wish Rolex did.

Limited Edition Rolex Submariner from Bamford Watch Department
Limited Edition Rolex Submariner from Bamford Watch Department

There is something very special about a unique proposition and for some time the dial of a 6263 Paul Newman Daytona was my ultimate, but the watch was both hard to source and of too higher value to wear daily . Icons simply do not take the abuse of the school runs, or the demands of modern life. They are investments that stay in the safe. After some referencing of a number of classic images and time with the Bamford graphics team the watch took form and was executed perfectly.


Here was in my eyes a bespoke interpretation of a modern Paul Newman Daytona, individual and now the perfect complement to the collection. In automotive terms here was my 458 speciale sat alongside the 275 GTBs and 250 GTOs that are the center pieces of the stable. Unlike many of his competitors and imitators however George Bamford understands retail and his client base. From a stunningly executed classical townhouse in Mayfair the sense of luxury and desire is embedded and the packaging accompanying each watch is superbly designed and crafted. Here is the true meaning of bespoke.

Limited Edition Paul Newman Daytona from Bamford Watch Department
Limited Edition Paul Newman Daytona from Bamford Watch Department

So where does Bamford Watch department fit into an article on clever investments? Quite simply as a brand BWD is now accepted among the major Rolex collectors around the world. My fellow Haute time Curator Georgia Mondani, herself and her father oracles on the subject of vintage Rolex, dedicated a chapter of her guide to Steel Rolex to the creations of BWD. Eric Ku, vintage Rolex dealer and authority has also posted pictures of Bamford watches via Instagram, as has Bob Maron a watch dealer to many influential collector. Meanwhile Haute Time’s editor-in-chief, Arthur Touchot, has also commented on BWD for the Financial Times earlier this year, in the following article.

Special Edition Rolex Daytona Cosmograph from Bamford Watch Department

George himself however will never comment on who owns his timepieces, but those who worship social media pages will have seen that the good and the great from the worlds of fashion, music and horology sport many of his pieces. If you believe that personalization has a future, that the bespoke valuables of modern day style icons are desirable, or simply that rarity has a value then maybe such a timepiece could be an interesting addition to a collection. After all where else can you acquire that modern day Paul Newman dial Daytona?

Bamford Watch Department (BWD)and Snoopy
Bamford Watch Department and Rodnik present: Snoopy

Photo Credit: Haute Time. For more information, please visit the official Bamford Watch Department website.










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