Carmelo Anthony’s Haute Time Watch of the Day: Christophe Claret Poker

Poker_White_GoldThis is the third in Claret’s trilogy of gaming watches, which have previously included the 21 Blackjack and the Baccara. The Poker is a clever use of automatons, using them to play a complete 52-card game of poker, following the rules of Texas Hold’em. The watch can deal 32,768 different combination possibilities for each of three players, with odds calculated to give each player the same chances of winning. Various pushbuttons shuffle and deal the cards. The caliber PCK05 is an original automatic in-house caliber with 655 components and two mainspring barrels for a 72-hour power reserve. The rotor on the caseback is designed as an operable mini roulette wheel. Deal me in!Poker_Close Up2

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