Bombardier Global 6000: What They Don’t Tell You About Business Jets

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Considering all the major airlines offer business and first-class travel, it makes you wonder why the humble private jet exists at all. I mean, once you’ve bought your ticket, a sharply dressed chauffeur will pick you up in an S-Class or 7-Series, whisk you to the airport lounge where you can share your exclusive social media check-in, before your priority boarding call. Once on board, you can continue to sup 2006 Dom Pérignon in your leather chair while you wait for economy class to board. It all seems like a stress free dream – a fun day out in the sky – and all for under $38,000 (the world’s most expensive one-way ticket).

So how can a business jet beat any of that? Well, taking the Bombardier Global 6000 for an example, here are 10 reasons.

1. Fly to wherever, whenever

Need to pop from New York to London… tonight? No problem, you choose when and where you want to fly to.

2. No airport lounges

Entertaining as they are, lounges are there to keep you entertained while you wait for take-off. With a biz jet, you drive straight to your awaiting plane, where your flight crew are already warming the Rolls-Royce turbofans up.

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3. It’s your cabin

The Global 6000’s wood and leather trimmed cabin is 13-meters long and over two meters wide. It has a dining area, relaxing lounge and two bathrooms. It also has a stateroom at the rear with bed and a shower. Basically, it’s a flying penthouse.

4. Customs check

On a private jet, you don’t go through customs; they come to you.

5. Galley

You too can have free flowing fizz, and as the galley is there to serve you alone: your favorite dish can be served up anytime you want it.

6. Entertainment

The Bombardier comes with its own media center, meaning you can watch movies, mirror live streaming, or display documents onto the largest high-definition TV monitors in its class.

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7. Speed

Need to get somewhere in a hurry? The 6000 can cruise at Mach 0.88 (1086.624 km/h) thanks to its two Rolls-Royce turbofans.

8. Cruise altitude

The Bombardier has a maximum operating altitude of 51,000 feet – high above the weather and 20,000-feet higher than the busy commercial jet routes.

9. Cabin altitude

The lower the cabin pair pressure, the better and the Global’s cabin altitude of 4,500 feet at 45,000 feet is one of the best. To non-pilots, this means at cruising altitude, the Bombardier’s cabin has a pressure equal to that of being 4,500 ft above sea level. A big commercial airliner will have a cabin altitude of over 6,000 feet, hence why compared to the Bombardier, you’ll arrive tired, sore and with a blocked nose.

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10. Chauffeur

Once you’ve landed at your chosen airfield (business jets can land on much shorter runways, opening up hundreds of destinations), and customs have vacated the area, you’re free to hop in your awaiting limo and head straight to business.

So then, business jets aren’t just a flashy way of traveling. They save you both money and time, while the biological and physiological effects of arriving fresh as a daisy can make or break a business deal. For, a private jet simply cannot be bettered.

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