Baselworld 2019; The Sometimes Subtle Art Of Watchmaking

Sometimes progress is not that obvious. Especially in the world of watches details can make all the difference. Subtle changes have been part of the industry since its conception, and often fuel a constant evolution of excellence. Small varieties in finishing, color, or materials ensure an ever-expanding universe with even more, and better, options for watch enthusiasts to choose from. These watches are also an intricate part of Baselworld and often offer much more then meets the eye!

Grand Seiko

Grand Seiko is the master of the understatement. No expense is spared to create perfection, yet this is not something that they boast about, as for them it is a way of life. Celebrating the 20th anniversary of the innovative Spring Drive caliber, which combines a mechanical movement with the precision of a quartz watch, Grand Seiko launched the Elegance collection. The cherry on top of this collection is the platinum SBGZ001, with hand carving on the case and a delicate dial with the brand’s signature ‘Snowflake’ pattern.

Rolex GMT-Master Batman

Rolex is a brand where evolution rules and that philosophy has made them not only one of the leaders in the watchmaking industry but also one of the most recognized luxury brands on the planet. This year they further evolve what is commonly referred to as the ‘Batman,’ a GMT-Master II with blue and black bezel insert. It is now matched with a Jubilee bracelet, but the most significant change can be found inside the case. Here ticks caliber 3285, an automatic movement that combines time, date and second timezone indications with Rolex’s patented Chronergy escapement and features an extended power reserve of no less than 70 hours.


Bomberg is known as a very expressive brand, but even they have a subtle side. With the BB-01 Automatic they combine a Swiss made, automatic movement with expressive design, that in the Bomberg tradition is actually quite toned down. What hasn’t been toned down is their attention to detail. A highly domed sapphire crystal protects a captivating dial, where different colors, textures and finishes draw your attention. Thanks to its thought through design does this Bomberg wear very comfortable on the wrist, adding even more to its appeal.

Chanel J12

A big launch this year for Chanel is the new J12, a model which is celebrating its 20th birthday. This creation differs from the previous version only in seemingly minor detail. Chanel reworked the entire watch to get it even better proportioned which you especially notice when you have the watch on the wrist. A major change is, however, the movement, which is now made exclusively for Chanel by Kenissi, in which the brand has a 20% stake. To show this off the J12 is now also fitted with a display back.

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