5 Watch CEO Instagrams to Follow

Instagram is one of the easiest ways to get a daily look at the lives of some of the CEO’s of the leading brands. It allows you a unique behind-the-scenes look as they go about their business, showing you the watch industry from the inside out

JC Biver (TAG Heuer, Hublot, Zenith)

Jean-Claude Biver

After bringing Blancpain back from oblivion, rejuvenating Hublot, Jean-Claude Biver is now President of LVMH’s watch division and CEO of TAG Heuer. But most of all he is a man who cannot sit still! When he is not traveling the world making new partnerships, he is celebrating current ones. He does this often on skies or on a bike, and even allows us an occasional look into his own family life

Ricardo Guadalupe (Hublot)

Ricardo Guadalupe

Biver might get the credit for rejuvenating Hublot, but it was Ricardo Guandalupe who was with him every step of the way, and currently serves as the brand’s CEO. His Instagram account reflects his great passion for the brand, and he takes you with him on a daily tour through the world of Hublot. This is a fusion of some of the most extraordinary watches Switzerland has to offer, and the exciting universe of arts and sports that represent Hublot.

Patrik Hoffmann (Ulysse Nardin)

Patrik Hoffmann

Expect a lot of nautical pictures, as Ulysse Nardin’s Patrik Hoffmann is as excited about water and water sports as the brand he is CEO of. He treats his followers on a lot of images featuring the most amazing Ulysse Nardin models, sometimes when they are still on the work bench receiving the final touches, others when they are on the wrist of proud owners.

Aldo Magada (Zenith)

Aldo Magada

Aldo Magada had big shoes to fill when he replaced Jean-Frederic Dufour in 2014 at Zenith. But he did so with verve and a spur in his step! As a genuine petrol-head, Magada’s Instagram accounts not only shows great watches, but also some amazing cars. When his works take him abroad he treats his followers on some snapshots of the places he goes, and the people he meets, and also the Zenith’s he takes with him!

Georges Kern (IWC)

Georges Kern

The energetic Georges Kern fills his Instagram account with a lot of wrist shots from the manufactures’ latest and finest watches. He also treats us on behind the scene shots of the most exciting IWC-events he is attending, and the celebrities he meets there. Just as IWC, he is passionate about driving exotic cars and flying planes, and he is sharing that passion through his Instagram account with the rest of the world as well.

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