Victoria Townsend

Victoria Townsend has recently joined the Haute Time team to start the Paris operation. Born and raised in Canada, a French Literature major at McGill University in Montreal, Victoria has spent much of her life abroad, in Monaco and several Gulf states, where she worked with ad agencies, as well as edited and read the evening news on English language TVs. Settled in Neuilly-sur-Seine just outside Paris, she writes for Middle East–based business and lifestyle magazines, covering perfumes, cosmetics and timepieces. Fascinated by poetic movements, she also appreciates the pure aesthetics of a thin case with a simple dial. You can often find her walking around her favorite areas of old Paris during the weekend, exploring art galleries and discovering new cobbled streets.

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“He Who Does Not Have His Rolex By The Age Of 50 Is A Failure.”

“He Who Does Not Have His Rolex By The Age Of 50 Is A Failure.” Is Rolex "a symbol, a cult object that we all want to have” as advertising mogul Jacques Séguéla announced in 2009, bringing the brand t…

By Victoria Townsend
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